My name is Max and I really dislike writing bios/about pages! I’ve never been one to talk too much about myself but… I’ll do it just for you since you seem so interested! 
If you haven’t looked at the rest of my portfolio site yet, much of my work is centered around advertising, including some UX/UI, and poster design. I recently graduated from FIT with a  BFA in Advertising and Digital Design with a minor in Creative Technology. At the moment, I hope to be an Art Director one day but I’m open to wherever my interests will take me! Besides my ad related projects, I’ve also included much of my personal work on this site which spans across many mediums and styles (you should definitely check it out). 
When I’m not making art or working on projects, I like to write and produce my own music. Although I've known how to play guitar and drums for a while, it’s a hobby I started only three years ago!
Anyways, I truly hope it was an enriching experience reading me talk about myself. If you have any questions, business inquiries, or just want to chat, feel free to contact me! I’m SUPER pleasant.